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New Study: Hawaiian Advertising Covers Study
Jan 20th, 2016

Hawaiian Advertising Covers Study (2016 edition)
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New Study: Hawaii National Bank Note Study
Nov 11th, 2015

Hawaii National Bank Note Study (2016 edition)
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Hawaii Foreign Mails to 1870
November 4th, 2012

Hawaii Foreign Mails to 1870 by Fred Gregory is available through the Philatelic Foundation. This award-winning three-volume hardcover set has gilt pages and comes in a slipcase. It is the first set of books which updates the Meyer-Harris book.

Awards include: Grand Award and Gold Medal for Literature StampShow 2012
The Ashbrook Cup Awarded by the United States Philatelic Classics Society 2012-2013
Large Gold Medal World Stamp Expo 2013 Melbourne, Australia

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Hawaii Overprint Currency Catalog
July 20th, 2012

Hawaii Overprint Currency Catalog 2012 Survey Edition [Study Page]

If you come across a Hawaii overprint note, you can't help but to be intrigued. This in-depth study is the culmination of viewing thousands of notes and bringing together the knowledge of many of the industry's experts and researchers. This study touches on the history behind the Hawaii overprint notes; discusses the printing process and print runs including known high and low serial numbers; illustrates error notes, many of which have never been seen before; uncovers many different souvenirs made from these notes including short snorters and handstamped notes; and introduces information which challenges some of the long-held facts. The 2012 Survey Edition is thoroughly illustrated in full color with pictures from the leading auction houses and several major collections. It is quite possible that many of the notes illustrated will not be seen for years.

This is the beginning of a discussion to learn more about this series. With your help, the knowledgebase can continue to expand.






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